Gezocht: informatie installatie Raymarine Evo op Midget 31


I have a Question to the Midget Sailors regarding the autopilot. Original had been an Autohelm 4000 installed. Some years ago I changed to Raymarine Evo. The motor for moving the rudder remains the same, the Q047. So the distances for Installation also. But I have some trouble. The autopilot tries to move the rudder over the Limit. I measured the original installed points. The distances between the point the tillerpilot is fixed on the rudder to the pivot is much to large. But if using the required 47cm the Point for fixing is in the rudder head.
How is it installed in other Midget 31?
How good is it working?
What are the distances?

Answers please direct to my Email.
Also in dutch or German. Will be translate by Google in worst Case.

Thanks very much.

Best regards

Christoph Boelke


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